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New upload in coming

2012-08-17 11:23:33 by Enlighten134

i'm working on a project of my art portal as long you vote that i keep it going or i'll go back to my drawing arts and scanning it in my art portal or page?

and if you vote to keep it going just add comments with this page

or if you vote for go back and scan the drawing of just pencil work... only pencils liked the one in art portal or page

and P.S don't you look at my art thread post

i know what done was wrong i post those art of other thread but i give them to those artist was a gift for showing that info they give to me.i'am saying now thank you to those artist

Grand Opening of my art work

2012-08-12 21:42:27 by Enlighten134

Hi i'm Enlighten134 and an artist and a gamer but don't draw all the time.but i spended my time on playing games and stuffs
i'm always thinking about many thing i can draw or imagine it in my mind.and i'm not beginner on art or games i'm using only a pencil all of my art work